What Is RE.Connection Project?

Exercise is good for you. This isn’t new, ground breaking information. So as a 21-year-old graduating from the University of Queensland with a shiny degree in Exercise Physiology, I felt like I had all the answers. We were told over and over again how exercise could manage everything from injuries to chronic disease to mental health. They weren’t wrong mind you. 

Throughout my career, I have worked with hundreds of people to improve their exercise habits and help them achieve their goals, which could range from “the doctor said exercise is good for my heart” to “I need to manage my PCOS so that I can have a baby” to “my back has been sore for 15 years and I’m sick of it” plus some. 

A few years ago, I had a new client who came to see me because she wanted to lose weight. She told me that she didn’t enjoy exercise and that she had a bad relationship with food, often finding herself binging when she’d had a bad day. She was very nervous about the gym and often felt very intimidated in the small boutique setting I worked out of. In our first session together, she said to me in a whisper “I’m the fattest person in the gym, everyone is looking at me.” I’ve never forgotten it because there was only one other person in the gym at that time and they had been looking in the completely opposite direction the entire time we had been there.

I’d love for this story to had a happy ending where the work that we did transformed her into an amazingly confident superwoman, but it doesn’t. She came once more to see me and then told me that she couldn’t do it anymore and maybe exercise just wasn’t for her.

This is where things changed for me as an Exercise Physiologist and allied health professional. There are so many women all around the world who know that exercise is important, but think that it’s not for them because they don’t feel comfortable in a gym environment, or they don’t like to wear workout clothes, or because they don’t like running or lifting weights. Exercise is not a one size fits all approach. The best kind of exercise is the kind that you enjoy. If that is at home with your cat – perfect! If that is going for a walk before the kids wake up in the morning – great! If that’s doing yoga on your lounge room floor in your underwear – I’m all for it!  Moving your body is empowering. It makes us feel strong and flexible and healthy. Exercise improves our physical and mental health and should not be something that we feel excluded from because we don’t look a certain way.

RE:Connection Project was born from this experience. It’s a way to make exercise, nutrition, and good mental health practices accessible for women everywhere, regardless of age, ability, exercise level, income, or confidence. Don’t let your own limitation stop you from living your very best life.

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