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The improvements that exercise can make on your mental health are vast. From relieving stress, to managing anxiety, to being a first-line treatment for depression, exercise is a key player in keeping your brain healthy. In a time where we spend so much of our day to day life exposed to stressors (work deadlines, family commitments, media overload, being ‘busy’) regular exercise can often be the only downtime that we have for ourselves

Our bodies are constantly changing in relation to our environment. As humans, we are made to adapt. If we do activities that put load on our muscles, we get stronger. If we move our body in a way that keeps our heart rate and demand for oxygen up, we get fitter. Why should any of this matter when it comes to exercise?

Emotional eating is one of the most common conversations I’ll have with clients in clinic.  When we’re feeling crap it’s almost an instinctive response to reach for the chocolate. We’ll feel better for a moment but that moment is followed by guilt, shame and frustration. In the end we feel worse after eating than we did before…so we eat more.

Our lives are chaotic. While rushing from one commitment to the next, we’re also constantly thinking about everything else that needs to get done for life to continue; “what am I going to make for dinner, when was the last time the car was serviced, what time is the kids’ soccer game on the weekend, are we going to be able to afford the mortgage repayments this month…”

The world we currently live in is saturated with projections of what we’re supposed to look like. Women in advertisements have impossibly long legs, toned stomachs, and not a stretch mark in site. Cellulite is like a swear word. If we take these beautiful unicorns and compare them to ourselves, we feel like we’ve been short changed by the universe.

Exercise is good for you. This isn’t new, ground breaking information. So as a 21-year-old graduating from the University of Queensland with a shiny degree in Exercise Physiology, I felt like I had all the answers. I soon learned that there was so much more to the puzzle.

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