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Stress and fatigue are two of the most damaging health issues impacting the modern woman – and often you won’t realise you’re experiencing symptoms until it’s too late.

Stress can manifest itself physically in your mental and emotional wellbeing, your appearance and in your capacity to think and perform as you should.

As an Exercise Physiologist with over decade of experience, and with a keen interest in psychology and holistic health, I believe in using evidence-based treatments to address your health concerns at their core. I work with the elite businesswomen of Australia to have them performing at their best in the boardroom, in their relationships and in their everyday lives, and to have them striding out with poise and confidence in how they look.

Whether your goals are:
Fat loss and overall body confidence
Improved emotional and mental health
Heightened self esteem
Increased energy levels and mental aptitude/focus
Deeper sleep and consistent sleep patterns

My time-efficient, effective online coaching will improve your overall wellbeing to have you living the life you deserve and have worked so hard for.

~ Rachel

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Rachel will analyse your current lifestyle and identify areas of improvement, put the tools, processes and plans in place for you to easily implement, and provide the accountability and support you need over the short- and long-term, so you can achieve optimal health.

Get a personalised, one-on-one consultation with Rachel and create a plan to tackle your own unique physical and mental barriers, and get effective strategies to operate at your best from the boardroom to the bedroom.

Book an obligation-free Stress Strategy Session with Rachel today.

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